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Being a CEO means IMPACT

Welcome to Abundance 42 - where Executives elevate their skills and cultivate a culture of excellence.

Coach Mahgul

Praveen, CA

“As Founder/CEO of a Series A venture-backed SaaS startup in Silicon Valley, I've been through numerous trials and tribulations getting to where we are today.  In the early days of the journey, Mahgul provided real insight and inspiration, providing helpful advice on everything from staff management & leadership to company strategy to sales & marketing to investor relations."

Gab, Australia

"As a CEO and Founder, there are countless challenges one faces, from managing teams to making high-pressure decisions, and Maghul has consistently provided invaluable insights and guidance throughout. Highly recommended for any CEO, Start-up founder and executive looking to elevate their leadership game"

Emily, CA

"Love and happiness has never been easier for me! But now I'm more confident and happier than ever before, thanks to Abundance. Don't hesitate, Coach Mahgul is gifted" 

Who I work with



Weekly 1:1 CEO coaching for business success: redefine yourself, rebrand, and build life time Value Gain work-life balance, hone leadership skills, and lead with confidence.

Team meeting - Targeted 360 Business Coaching


Engage your C-suite to lead and establish a robust structure for channel and technology optimization, aiming for best practices.

Once a week | Half-Day Week

Investors and Scaling readiness


Team package is essential for scalable growth, encompassing investor, partner, and advisor relationships, hiring, culture, and legal matters.

Services Offered

1:1 Coaching

Confidential Space.

Goal Exploration. Obstacle Overcoming. Mentorship & advisory sessions.  360 targeted business coaching.Anchor your leadership and redefine your true mission and future vision


Work with me on your business channel optimization. Branding.  Planning. Partnership Channels.

Sales & Marketing Workshops

Optimize, Brand, Plan, and Grow.


Unlock Life-Changing Wisdom:


Life Transformational


My keynote sessions are interactive

and sensational

Our Services

Everything you want is right here, available to you at your fingertips....

Coach Mahgul - California

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